Creating Early College Experiences for Students in Eastern Oregon

When students have the opportunity to participate in college-level courses and earn credits or certificates while still in high school, it means real financial savings for families today.

Increase access to early college credit for high school students throughout the region.


Build a college/post-secondary going culture.

Good advising and realistic planning can set the stage for your success! At Eastern Promise we want you to succeed. The folllowing degree checklists can help you on your way!

Checklists  (For edits please email or

AAOT Degree Checklists

Baker                   North Powder
Crane Ontario
Cove Pendleton
Echo Pilot Rock
Elgin Pine Eagle
Grant Union Prairie City
Helix Riverside
Heppner Stanfield
Hermiston Summer Institute
Imbler Ukiah
Ione Umatilla
Irrigon Umatilla with Summer Institute
La Grande Union
Mac-Hi Weston-McEwen

EOU Checklists-

General Education Core | West End

CUESTE (Curriculum for Undergraduate Elementary School Teacher Education)

Virtual Avisors  (9th to 14th grade pathway to high school graduation and college credit.)

(Your school not here? It is being created. Contact your school counselor.)

Echo                Pendleton
Elgin Pilot Rock
Helix Riverside
Hermiston Stanfield
Irrigon Umatilla
Mac-Hi Weston-McEwen

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Eastern Promise Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are designed to foster the development of opportunities for early college credit. PLC leaders and groups have met to create proficiency assessments. Most of these groups are set to have training sessions 2 to 4 times per year. Schools and teachers wishing to participate in offering a credit by proficiency opportunity during the 2015-16 school year MUST attend the appropriate training session. Contact  to learn more.

Meeting dates are listed below.

2016 PLC Spring Meetings

PDU certificates will be available at the meeting.

EOU EP Lang. Arts  spring meeting TBD   'Nancy Knowles' 

BMCC EP Lang.Arts spring meeting TBD  Ashley Benson

BMCC US HST   May 31, 2016  Assessment Norming/Scoring Meeting Hermiston EOHEC  8am-4pm  Theresa Pihl   

EOU Chemistry  April 15th 1pm to 4 pm, Colby Heidman    

BMCC Speech    April 15th 9:00 - 12:00. BMCC P 8

EOU Speech April 15th 1:00 - 3:00 at EOU, Reschedlued for May   Contact for more information.

BMCC 100 level Spanish CBP  TBD last weeks of May

BMCC 100 level Spanish CBE  March 8th 1:00 - 3:30 Hermiston High School room 134

EOU 100 level Spanish   March 4th EOU

BMCC Computer Science  120, 160, 195 June meeting TBD     Gary Parker Peter Hernberg <>; Stan Beach 

BMCC Math 095   June final-grading/wrap-up meeting. Probably one in Pendleton and one in Hermiston.   Gary Parker GPARKER@bluecc.eduJune  

BMCC Math 111  June final-grading/wrap-up meeting. Probably one in Pendleton and one in Hermiston.    Gary Parker GPARKER@bluecc.eduJune

BMCC MTH 112  TBD after final assessments given  Bob Hillenbrand

EOU Biology   April 15th 9am to noon.Canceled- will be rescheduled.    Biology 104 Lab Day April 22nd . Laura Mahrt

BMCC Biology    April 25th 3:30 at EOHEC

BMCC Success 101   April 15th in Pendleton at BMCC Morrow Hall room 8, 9:00 am to Noon BMCC Velda Arnaud    

BMCC Success 101   April 15th in Pendleton at BMCC Morrow Hall room 8,  9:00 am to Noon BMCC    Dan Mielke

EOU Health with Kelly Rice,  Last week of spring term


Why Early Access to College?

  • Future Savings on College Tuition Costs
  • Advanced Start on College Education
  • Higher Rate of College Graduation
  • Save Time, Effort & Money

Eastern Promise Outcomes

Eastern Promise Fact Sheet

More Oregon high school students achieving success with Eastern Promise

Contact: Dan Mielke | Executive Director, Eastern Promise
Phone: 541-962-3399 | E-mail:

March 2, 2015

LA GRANDE, Ore. - New data on high school graduation, attendance and college enrollment rates in eastern Oregon points to positive early results of a unique dual credit expansion program. Offered through Eastern Promise, the program enables students to earn college credits at a reduced tuition rate through courses taught by eligible teachers in their schools.

Eastern Promise in the News

OPB Articles featuring Eastern Promise

Release Date: 

Below are links to articles and audio files done by OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) featuring Eastern Promise:

Eastern Promise Draws Scholarship Winners

Release Date: 

BOARDMAN, Ore. – Trained volunteers assisted 25 percent of all seniors from Riverside High School (Boardman) and Irrigon High School in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form during a Scholarship and FAFSA Fair Jan. 3 at Riverside. In addition, three lucky students’ names were drawn for a $500 scholarship, while several others won gift certificates to local businesses Sinclair, Domino’s and Little Caesar’s.

Eastern Promise to Host Scholarship and FAFSA Fairs

Release Date: 

The Eastern Promise will host three college scholarship and FAFSA fairs for six local school districts in January.

During the fairs, high school students will have an opportunity to receive help with filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition, 9th-11th graders can make their plans to earn college credits in high school with a trained volunteer. Eastern Promise college credits cost $10 a credit.

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