Benefits of Eastern Promise

The Benefits of Eastern Promise

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Here are some of the benefits you will receive from successful completion of this course.

As a successful EP student you will…

  • Gain a competitive edge. Increased competition in college admissions means that admissions officers now look for evidence of rigorous course work in high school transcripts.
  • Enjoy more flexibility in college. Completing college requirements in high school gives you greater flexibility and saves you money when you become a full-time college student.
  • Learn college skills before your freshman year. The critical thinking, writing, and reading skills developed in EP courses will prepare you for success in college/university.
  • Demonstrate your learning just as you will in college. College/university courses typically access your learning through several means – examinations, papers, lab reports, etc. College/university courses administered through EP will assess your learning through measures of proficiency.
  • Reduce the overall cost of a college/university education. EP tuition is greatly reduced and, in many cases, is paid for by your schools. Additional savings can be realized when recognition of EP credits allows you to graduate early.

In a nutshell, choosing Eastern Promise is indeed a wise choice!

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