Eastern Promise Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan 2013-17

Mission and Vision
Our Mission – Eastern Promise is dedicated to:

  • Providing increased opportunities to K-12 students for authentic credit earning academic and social pre college experiences
  • Creating a stronger culture in eastern Oregon where all K-12 students, along with family and community support, expect to pursue post secondary education and training after high school graduation

Our Vision – Through collaboration, innovation, and equity, every high school student in the region will be prepared for and will engage post secondary life enhancing adventures.

Strengthen Our Core Pillars

  1. Strengthen our Collaborations with Partners
  2. Build stronger Professional Learning Communities
  3. Enhance quality of Credit By Proficiency through rigorous assessment.
  4. Expand participation in Academic Momentum and Success 101
  5. Open early college experiences to ALL high school students

Meeting Emerging Challenges

  1. Provide leadership to deliver the Eastern Promise model to other regions in the state
  2. Increase opportunities for diverse students to access Eastern Promise activities
  3. Secure ongoing funding beyond 2015 through a combination of state funding, partner contribution and grants

Strengthen Core Pillars

Goal 1 - Strengthen our Partnership

  1. Revitalize the Eastern Promise partnership between the three higher education institutions; Blue Mountain Community College, Eastern Oregon University, and Treasure Valley Community College by completing a written Memorandum of Understanding between the three partners.
  2. Add the Grant, Malheur, and Wallowa Educational Service Districts as an identified partner along with the Inter Mountain Educational Service District as key stakeholders and partners in building the K-12 programs of Eastern Promise.  These partners will also complete an MOU.
  3. Recommit to and completely follow the regional registration plan for Credit by Proficiency courses:  Baker, Morrow and Umatilla Counties (BMCC); Grant, Union and Wallowa Counties (EOU); Malheur and Harney Counties (TVCC).  This procedure will be completed in the MOU.  If any institution for any reason is unable to offer credit, they will allow another partner to do this by mutual consent.
  4. Enhance communications with partner high schools such that all Eastern promise procedures are clearly articulated.  Through the Eastern Promise Communications Committee, the Executive Director and K-12 Director will create a plan to maintain website, produce newsletters , translation services, and social media.
  5. Define the roles and responsibilities of all Eastern Promise staff, and instructional in-kind contribution (both staff support and budget staff).
  6. Work toward developing a joint registration process between all three higher education partner institutions.

Goal 2 - Build Stronger Professional Learning Communities

  1. Insure that Eastern Promise Professional Learning Communities adhere to accepted philosophical and procedural best practices (Dufour).  The PLC should be viewed as an essential professional development activity within Eastern Promise.
  2. Fortify the professional development activities within the Eastern Promise PLC’s by reinforcing the concepts of shared responsibilities.
  3. Create an operations handbook serving as a resource for all Eastern Promise Professional Learning Communities.  The handbook should define specific parameters that are negotiable and non-negotiable within an Eastern Promise PLC.  This handbook would also include the expected outcomes, and ways for disseminating results.

Goal 3 - Enhance quality of Credit By Proficiency through rigorous assessment

  1. Implement data collection methods established through the Education Northwest consulting activities.
  2. Require that ALL PLC’s conduct annual assessment sessions to verify the consistency of student performance
  3. College and University PLC leaders will visit school sites, observe instruction, and provide feedback to PLC members

Goal 4 - Expand Participation in Academic Momentum and Success 101

  1. Form Professional Learning Communities in the Academic Momentum program.
  2. Provide ongoing training to schools planning to implement the Academic Momentum program
  3. Continue meeting and development of the Success 101 PLC
  4. Schedule Success 101 training through Academic Innovations for Spring/Summer 2014 Malheur/Harney counties and other regions as needed.

Goal 5 - Engage ALL students at the high school level in early college activities

  1. Develop strategies to implement opportunities for underrepresented, and underprepared students to participate in early college credit experiences beyond Success 101 (i.e. Writing 115 and Math 095), and the integration of CTE pathways into the Eastern Promise model.
  2. Meet with constituent groups, especially parent groups of these identified students and discuss ways to encourage these young people to prepare for high school graduation and post secondary training and education.

Meeting Emerging Challenges

  1. Provide leadership to deliver the Eastern Promise model to other regions in the state.
    1. An expectation of Eastern Promise is that other regions in the state of Oregon will implement this program.  Funds have been allocated through an RFP process through the Oregon Department of Education for interested collaborative groups to adopt this program.
    2. The Executive Director of Eastern Promise will serve as the Trainer for groups that receive funding to implement Eastern Promise
    3. Operation handbooks will be shared and adapted to meet the needs of the new partnerships.
  2. Increase opportunities for diverse students to access Eastern Promise activities.
    1. Create a diversity committee within the Eastern Promise structure
    2. Within eastern Oregon, geographically, there is a wide rural environment with diverse populations and different sets of needs.  Three specific groups have been identified as target audiences for Eastern Promise activities:  Native Spanish speakers, Native American students, and under achieving male students.
    3. Develop a strategy to provide students identified as “free and reduced lunch” to access Eastern Promise credits for free.  Seek grant opportunities to reimburse the higher education partners for this activity.
    4. Programs will be developed to address these unique audiences.
  3. Secure ongoing funding beyond 2015 through a combination of state funding, partner contribution and grants.
    1. Through data collection, compile reports to distribute to legislative and educational leaders to show the impact and positive effects of Eastern Promise on those who have participated in the program.  These reports of demonstrated success will provide opportunity for renewed funding requests.
    2. Search for outside agencies to seek non-state related funding opportunities for Eastern Promise.

Accessibility Statement - Eastern Promise is committed to making its electronic and information technologies accessible to individuals with disabilities. We are currently in the process of upgrading our web site to ensure we meet or exceed the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C’s) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and the Web Accessibility Initiative Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (WAI-ARIA) 1.0 for web content.

For more information on how to report an issue related to the accessibility or how to file a formal Section 504 or ADA (Title II) complaint about the accessibility of any content on the Eastern Promise website, please see our full Accessibility Statement.

Anti-Discrimination Policy - It is a policy of Eastern Promise that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment. For more information, visit the Anti-Discrimination Policy page.

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